Natural hair haul ft. Mielle organics/ Tgin/ Sheamoisture/ Kurlee belle/ Curls

Hello curlies,

Here I am again with the post concerning the products I got at the NHA. As I’ve known for a while about the event, I researched the brands that were going to be there and had pinned down a few so that’s what I got once there. I have to say it was amazing to be able to meet some brands creators and also the staff was always very friendly 🙂 also was an opportunity for me to use my English hehe.

So here is in detail what I got:

  • Green tea super moist leave-in conditioner by Tgin
  • Blueberry bliss Twist and shout cream by Curls
  • Detangling cowash by Mielle organics
  • Mongongo and hemp seed oils high porosity moisture-seal shampoo by Sheamoisture
  • Fruit fusion coconut water weightless texture spray by Sheamoisture
  • Banana nut and avocado deep treatment by Kurlee belle

I also got some free samples and some Carolina b. products for my family.

I’m excited to try these! I hope it turns out well. I think I’ll start with the shampoo and the deep treatment. So let’s see how it turns out.


I’ve just finished styling my hair after using the Tgin leave-in conditioner, the twist and shout cream and some hydratherma naturals oil. I have to say the leave-in has amazing slip and smells great. The Curls product smells just like blueberries too and it makes you want to have some blueberries haha. I also used the Sheamoisture shampoo and the deep treatment from Kurlee belle and they both worked wonders. My hair is soft and feels very moisturized. It really feels and looks like the products have sunk into my hair and nourished it well. 

PS: this is not a sponsored review , just my honest personal first impression. I purchased everything with my own money.

Do any of you know these brands? If so what products have you tried?

Did you like them? Let me know in the comments.



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