Daytime look ft. Pallaya 

Hello fashionistas!

Today I’ll post a special look featuring wax.

And no I’m not talking about the wax produced by bees haha. I’m referring to the fabric that is called wax and originates from Africa.

I got a head wrap earlier at the NHA salon, and I’ve been wearing it for a while now. It has vivid colors and is perfect for summer 🙂

Check out the pics below:

I got the wrapping method from Naptural85’s special video. She features 10 ways to tie head wraps and they are all gorgeous. The one I copied is called “ninja bow”. What I’m wearing on my lips is the raspberry tiramisu shade by beauty bakerie. I LOVE this shade. It is perfect for summer and chic looks and it does NOT budge at all! What else do you need? 🙂

So what do you think? 

Let me know below the post, talk later!



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