Full face makeup ft. Nyx/ Juvias place

Hello hello beautifuls!

Here I am again with a makeup look. This time I went for a pink gradient look on my eyes and some shiny lips.

Here is how I broke it down:

  1. Start with my face routine in the morning. Right now I’m testing Melvita’s hydrating milk mist as a moisturizer.
  2. Apply Nyx pore filler primer and then set it with the matte powder afterwards.
  3. Apply the Stay matte but not flat foundation and dab the excess with a blender. 
  4. Bake with the setting flour from Beauty bakerie.
  5. Do the eyes. I used shades Sokoto on the outer part of my lid, then Bororo on the rest of my lid. For the inner part I used Fula and some Wodaabe for the inner corner to brighten my eyes up. On the outer part of the lid I also used Chad, all colors are from the Saharan palette by Juvias place.
  6. Apply some Scandal eyes black eyeliner from Rimmel.
  7. Put on lash primer They’re real by Benefit and then Glamolash XXL by Rodial.
  8. Remove excess flour with brush.
  9. Set to the gawds with the matte finishing spray by Nyx.
  10. Apply Rose gold by Jouer on my lips.

Below are pictures of the process with final look 🙂 (final look is first)

This look was inspired by this video by vlogger Justbrittanyh

So what do you think? It was my first time putting the baking method to use. I’ll let you know how my makeup behaved through the day 🙂 

Which brands do you use most for your makeup? Let me know below.



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