Bh cosmetics : a review

Buenos dias lovelies!

It’s time for a new post on here. This time I’ll talk about the Los Angeles brand Bh cosmetics. I’ve discovered it while looking for brands to test. It seemed to be a good brand and people were raving about it.

So I got 2 lipsticks and one eyeshadow palette. There were offers going on on the website so they gifted me 2 more lipsticks and 1 mini palette. Which is great to start off. 


As you can see they all look very nice 🙂 I think it’s a good quality-price ratio.

Review: I tried one of the lipsticks on, the shade called seduction. The shades I got are: seduction, dark rose, charming and devotion. It lasted all afternoon and looks very pretty and dark. I tested its longevity in the shower and they have all faded quite a bit but it’s normal I guess. (Photos below, first is after the shower). Order is from top: seduction, dark rose, devotion and charming)

I’d say they don’t last as long as the ones by Beauty bakerie but are worth the money. Each lipstick costs 5.50$ so it’s a real bargain! 

I like the palette too as it has nice shimmery shades and features a mirror 🙂 it says on the website that all lipsticks are vegan, cruelty free and allergy tested, so it’s safe to say that it’s a plus. 

So did you know this brand? Will you try it? Which brand would you want me to try next?



4 thoughts on “Bh cosmetics : a review

  1. Ooh I’ve never heard of this brand! Such a great price too! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and there’s some stunning shades in there! Great post! Xx

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