Favorite foods (yummm)

Here’s another post I quite enjoy because we’ll be talking about food! And it’s one of my favorite things in life 🙂 I’ll be listing down the dishes I love to eat most. Lasagna (first because I absolutely love them!) Sushi (the best are obviously found in Japan haha) Pasta (mostly carbonara, bolognese and pesto verde) Tapioca (best snack or breakfast if cooked with milk) … Continue reading Favorite foods (yummm)

Time to Fall in love (why I love fall and you should too!)

Hey hey loves! I’m back with a post here, sorry for the lack of posts lately. I was off volunteering in a vacation camp so almost no access to a good connection made it impossible to write. Anyway, I’ll be posting more from now on 🙂  Today we’ll talk about my favorite season of all, fall. And why it is my favorite:) here goes a … Continue reading Time to Fall in love (why I love fall and you should too!)

Mid-year makeup loves

Hello my dears! New article here is a list of my favorites so far in my makeup journey. I’ve gone back to makeup since a short time but thanks to awesome people like Jackie Aina and others youtubers, I’ve come to know dope products that won’t leave my regimen for a while. Eyes: Inuwet unicorn brush (7€) Real techniques small smudge brush (about 5€) Juvias … Continue reading Mid-year makeup loves