Mid-year makeup loves

Hello my dears! New article here is a list of my favorites so far in my makeup journey. I’ve gone back to makeup since a short time but thanks to awesome people like Jackie Aina and others youtubers, I’ve come to know dope products that won’t leave my regimen for a while. Eyes: Inuwet unicorn brush (7€) Real techniques small smudge brush (about 5€) Juvias … Continue reading Mid-year makeup loves

Make-up + tools haul ft. e.l.f/ beauty bakerie/ real techniques 

Hallo lieben! It’s time to  show you all the goodies I got these days 🙂 *went a little crazy* haha  Got some e.l.f make up as well as some tools and lipsticks from beauty bakerie. Here you have pictures:To clarify on the last image only the e.l.f products were those I got in the last few days. Here’s a summary of all that I actually … Continue reading Make-up + tools haul ft. e.l.f/ beauty bakerie/ real techniques