Blogmas #10 Xmas wishlist (it’s never too early hahha)

Helllooo! Are you on holiday yet? Today, I’ll share with you my wishlist for Christmas this year. It contains many beauty items obviously but not only. When there is a tick sign it means I already purchased the item on my own:) i made this list months ago hence the title 😅 anyway, let’s dive in: Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette Zoella beauty collection Happiness planner … Continue reading Blogmas #10 Xmas wishlist (it’s never too early hahha)

Back to school outfits ft. Polyvore

Hey hey ladies! This one’s for you 🙂 I played a little bit with Polyvore and came up with 3 different back to school outfits. Hope you like them! As you can see it’s mostly red and pink as I think they’re pretty trendy right now. I’ve added accessories too. I’ll put the links asap so you know how much each item is. Comfy casual … Continue reading Back to school outfits ft. Polyvore

Favorite influencers/bloggers (Woc)

Hello to y’all! I’m pleased to talk to you today about something cultural. I’m dark skinned so I find it important to be an advocate for my people. So today I come to you with a list of ladies that have helped shape what I am today especially through my self esteem and the way I treat my hair. Klassy kinks Latest find! She’s a … Continue reading Favorite influencers/bloggers (Woc)

London clothing haul ft. C&A/Primark

Hello beautiful people! Right after my birthday (may 3rd for the curious ones) I made a trip to my beloved London. During these days I took the opportunity to get some clothes at the renowned Primark.  So I got 1 top, 1 dress, 1 pair of leggings and one denim romper from there. I also got a dotted t-shirt while in Barcelona from C&A as … Continue reading London clothing haul ft. C&A/Primark