#Hairgoals w/ Elfy Naturals 🌱

Heyaa ladies! This is for you today! I’m super excited and proud to talk about one of my favorite youtubers handmade haircare line. I just received my products and cannot wait to try them. I can already say that the scents are bomb! She made sure to include very hydrating and nourishing ingredients in the products, like for example aloe vera, shea butter, hibiscus, or … Continue reading #Hairgoals w/ Elfy Naturals 🌱

Selfcare time: hair masking with Sephora

What’s good people? Coming to you with yet another review of one of my latest Sephora discoveries aka the overnight hair mask. I’ve bought 2 and decided to try one tonight. Currently using the rose one which is supposed to make the hair less prone to frizz. The package includes the actual cream mask and a cute little tissue cap to wear. I added my … Continue reading Selfcare time: hair masking with Sephora

Reaching goals: how to with Everbutter (unboxing)

Hello hello naturalistas! This post is about hair care. I finally got my hands on some new products from the brand Everbutter. They’re a family owned brand that do all of their products by hand. Everything is natural and made for natural hair obviously. I came across the brand through Jenell Stewart some time ago and had since then wanted to try it very much! … Continue reading Reaching goals: how to with Everbutter (unboxing)

Late Christmas with Treasuretress

Hello again lovelies! Hope you started 2018 well. I sure did with my new happiness planner. Looking forward to continue journaling this year. But that’s not what we’ll talk about here. I had already talked about this brand in another post. And here I will talk about one of their latest delivery which is their December box full of amazing products! I was soo hyped … Continue reading Late Christmas with Treasuretress

Blogmas #3 Christmas gift guide for natural hair

Greetings to your readers! In today’s post I will focus on giving you a list of items that would probably make a natural hair lady like me very happy! If you didn’t know, I’ve been wearing my hair natural for a few years now and this has made me discover quite a few brands that have now become staples so I’m happy to share with … Continue reading Blogmas #3 Christmas gift guide for natural hair

Blogmas #2 Discovery days

This is a post to talk about the Birchbox I recently got. It was on offer for the price of shipping, so it cost me only 3€. I’ll detail below the items it had. So it features: Birchbox mini brush Polaar night cream Anatomicals cream Batiste dry shampoo Marcelle pencil eyeliner in expresso Pictures: What the package looks like: You get a nice sturdy box … Continue reading Blogmas #2 Discovery days

Treasure quest with Treasure tress

Finally my most anticipated article of the month! This time it’s all about hair and care πŸ™‚ Last month I subscribed to the Treasuretress box. Which caters specifically to Afro hair. I got the Qween box. They have the mini-me, tween and qween box which are age targeted. This box features full size products mostly with samples sometimes. So you get a whole wash day … Continue reading Treasure quest with Treasure tress

Natural hair hacks

Hallo readers! Will be listing below which hacks I’ve been a fan of since starting to care for my natural hair πŸ™‚ Massage your scalp, it promotes growth Sleep with a satin bonnet/pillow Use the LCO method (liquid/cream/oil) Finger detangle Twist the ends of the braid so they last longer Use products that are specially made for your hair type (porous or not) Deep condition … Continue reading Natural hair hacks

Favorite influencers/bloggers (Woc)

Hello to y’all! I’m pleased to talk to you today about something cultural. I’m dark skinned so I find it important to be an advocate for my people. So today I come to you with a list of ladies that have helped shape what I am today especially through my self esteem and the way I treat my hair. Klassy kinks Latest find! She’s a … Continue reading Favorite influencers/bloggers (Woc)

Natural hair haul ft. Mielle organics/ Tgin/ Sheamoisture/ Kurlee belle/ Curls

Hello curlies, Here I am again with the post concerning the products I got at the NHA. As I’ve known for a while about the event, I researched the brands that were going to be there and had pinned down a few so that’s what I got once there. I have to say it was amazing to be able to meet some brands creators and … Continue reading Natural hair haul ft. Mielle organics/ Tgin/ Sheamoisture/ Kurlee belle/ Curls